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Driveway FAQ’s

Resin Driveways FAQs

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Our Customers resin driveways frequently asked questions and inquiries.

You will not get weeds with a resin driveways weather be a resin bound or resin bonded driveway weeds will not pass through as the surface is impermeable and the lay of concrete or underlay of short will also be impermeable therefore non-porous not allowing even water to pass underneath

A resin driveway should cost between 130 and £80 per square metre depending on the size of the resin driveway is to be straight laid that is.

Despite the names of the two different articles, they are entirely different systems

Both systems do use both aggregate and resin to form a fixed hard surface but the differences between them on numerous resin bound means that The resin is non-fading permeable slip-resistant weed resistant frost resistant and seamless joining in between the portions late.

On the other hand, a resin Bond driveway is non-fading slip-resistant we resistant and seamless; therefore it’s not permeable so that it is impermeable and it is not frost resistant so it will. During the cold seasons basically, the resin-bound driveway works by being a permeable surface of a resin bound driveway is porous therefore water Will pass through underneath providing it is laid onto a permeable base, therefore, a concrete or C1 underlay.

Resin bonded gravel is a gravel system Whereby the resin is laid across the base and the aggregate the stone of the gravel is scattered onto it, therefore, most of the stone will adhere to the resin well some of it remain loose this gives the resin bonded driveway a more loose fitted appearance with a less stone or gravel to move or replace but because it is scattered onto a complete layer of resin water, therefore, cannot pass through it this means the resin-bonded system is not porous therefore not permeable to the water so holes will have to be driven into the resin to allow water to escape.

Freshly installed resin bound driveway by Kola Constraction takes around eight hours to set before a pedestrian can physically use it. As precaution we always recommend you to leave the driveway for about 24 hours to make sure that it is hard. The usual guidelines advise for a proximally 48 hour setting periods before you may use standard size vehicles. For larger vehicles, wait for approximately 72 hours before attempting to use the driveway.

Resin bound driveways are a permeable driveway solution made from a mixture of natural aggregates, recycled glass (stone) or marble in a clear resin. During installation, every stone particle will be covered in resin before being placed onto a stable foundation. Once finished, the depth of your new resin bound driveway will vary between 12mm and 24mm. We offer a great range of design with many different colours, so that you can be sure that your new driveway won’t change colour. With a smooth and textured appearance, these driveways, so that you can be sure that your new driveway won’t change colour. With a smooth and textured appearance, these driveways are an aesthetically pleasing investment. The mix of polyurethane resin and natural aggregate creates a hardwearing surface. Our resin bound driveways are designed to be crack resistant and low maintance. Desined with lots of small gaps for easy drainage, these driveways are SuDS compatible. There will be no more puddling of water when you choose a resin bound driveway from Kola Construction.

The surface will be Porous depending on what type of resin driveway is laid therefore if resin bound driveway will be porous consequently it is able to allow water to penetrate through the aggregate underneath to the non-permeable area and for it to drain off into the dirt beside as opposed to resin bonded one which is non-permeable and have to have holes driven into the hole into the resin to allow water to flow through and underneath the resin onto the non-porous sub-level whereby it would be able to dissipate

The legislation was passed in 2008 that means that you probably will not need planning permission for a small resin bound driveway. However, it is always good to check.
If you are not sure whether you will need planning permission, please feel free to contact us, and we will be able to help you find out.

One of the most significant benefits of resin bound driveway is that it will never fade. Therefore you will not need to re-update the current overlay on the driveway again. It is also a slip-resistant, so when wet, you will have that level of friction on the surface. It is also weed resistant. Therefore, no weeds will come through the aggregate that is making the surface stable, and long-lasting the resin-bound is also frost resistant therefore during the cold seasons there is no frost to be formed on top of the aggregate, and it is seamless flows throughout with no joins or connections visible

The short answer is Yes, but we always recommend our customers to prime the concrete before application. Resin bound surfacing does bond very well to concrete surfaces. It is essential to install sufficient falls and drains when lying resin over concrete as concrete has the capability of absorbing moisture, but it is not permeable.

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