[anps_featured style=”1″ title=”RUBBER CRUMB COLOURS”]At Kola Construction we have 15 colours to choose from for your Rubber crumb surface. Take a look at our range below don’t worry if you have a specific colour in mind we can mix our existing colours to ensure you have a bespoke looking surface. If you have any questions please call one of our rubber crumb specialists on 0800 038 5746[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured style=”1″ title=”BEIGE”]

Beige rubber crumb is a neutral shade, often used to depict sand in children’s soft play areas. The porous nature of the surface means that it is suitable for use in wet weather without it being unsafe and flooded.


[anps_featured style=”1″ title=”BLACK”]

Black rubber crumb is the most economical colour of wet pour supplies. It is also a popular colour because it masks dirt and marks well due to dark colour. Black wet pour is effective its own but projects need not to be limited to one particular colour and you can mix and match black with other colours. When working black in to themed safe play surfaces, it is often used as a road to help educate and engage early learning in children’s minds.


[anps_featured style=”1″ title=”BROWN”]

Brown rubber crumb is a natural looking rubber granule that is often used in jungle and wood themes in children’s playground surfacing. Mix with eggshell and yellow for an ‘earthy’ colour when installing rubber paving or activity trails in playground rubber flooring.


[anps_featured style=”1″ title=”DARK BLUE”]

Our dark blue rubber crumb is a bold colour used predominantly for playground rubber. It is popular because it can be laid outdoors for children’s learning. It be be used for themed surfaces for the colour of the sea, lakes and rivers. Combine the dark blue rubber chippings with our other shades of light blue and turquoise, for a flecked impact and water illusion.


[anps_featured style=”1″ title=”DARK GREEN”]

Dark green rubber crumb is ideal for pathways on golf courses, (often mixed with resin gravel) and golf tee-off surfaces. A natural colour that blends in to real-life landscapes significantly well. In playground surfacing it is an important colour when designing jungle themes and themes involving nature as it is used as the colour for trees and grassland.


[anps_featured style=”1″ title=”EARTH YELLOW”]

Earth yellow rubber crumb is of the more natural wet pour colours in our collection. It is used to portray sand or the sun when installing educational playground rubber at nurseries, schools or play parks. There is limited discolouring when installing earth yellow.


[anps_featured style=”1″ title=”EGGSHELL”]

Eggshell rubber crumb offers a contemporary look. Border with grey resin bound or grey crumb rubber. It is a neutral looking colour often used for rubber paving in care and retirement homes, as they require shock absorbency and safe surfaces.


[anps_featured style=”1″ title=”GREY”]

Grey rubber crumb is one of the options from the neutral colour palette of rubber crumb. It can be mixed and matched with similar colours such as black and eggshell to create contemporary looking surfaces. Rubber chippings can be bound with resin stone for commercial applications.


[anps_featured style=”1″ title=”LIGHT BLUE”]

Light blue rubber crumb is popular because splashes of blue are used to portray sea themes, lakes, and rivers or create a sky designs and splash pads. Such designs are educational because they trigger children’s imaginations and early learning. Mix with dark blue or aqua crumb rubber for a flecked water affect. In supplement to playground rubber flooring, it is often used for sports areas such running tacks, outdoor fitness centres, basketball and netball courts.


[anps_featured style=”1″ title=”LIGHT GREEN”]

As with the dark green, light green rubber crumb surfacing ideas include pathways on golf courses, (often mixed with resin gravel) and golf tee-off surfaces. In playground surfacing it is an important colour when designing jungle, farm and garden themes, as it is a great colour for grass, trees and animals.


[anps_featured style=”1″ title=”ORANGE”]

Get creative with orange rubber crumb – a bright vibrant colour that dynamically enhances playground surfaces. It is often used when colouring geometric shapes and when creating eye-catching playground rubber activities, such as hopscotch, checkers and snakes and ladders. For children in early education, active learning and outdoor play are really important as they help with the development of vital skills.


[anps_featured style=”1″ title=”PURPLE”]

Get artistic with purple rubber crumb and create colourful rubber paving and playground surfacing. Use alongside other vibrant colours to create strong visuals such as rainbows and geometric shapes. Lots of games can be incorporated in to soft play surfacing to improve fitness and social skills. Colour preference will vary from project to project.


[anps_featured style=”1″ title=”RED”]

Red rubber crumb is one of the primary wet pour colours along with blue and yellow. It a popular wet pour surface solutions because it is commonly supplied to athletics clubs for running tracks, long jump and high jump runs, in addition to generic multi-use games services and rubber paving surfaces.


[anps_featured style=”1″ title=”TURQUOISE”]

When installing playground rubber flooring, turquoise rubber crumb can be one colour option used to highlight different play apparatus, acting as a safety surface. It is a solid rubber granule for outdoor soft play surfaces that compliments the other shades of blue available in our range. It is a colour often seen playground management and in outdoor fitness gyms.


[anps_featured style=”1″ title=”YELLOW”]

A happy bright colour, yellow rubber crumb is used to facilitate different designs to dynamically enhance playground surfaces and create strong visuals such as the sun, sand, animals and shapes. Alongside the other rubber crumb colours, there is limitless choice. Mix with other colours for a flecked affect. Our rubber crumb must be bound with our eco crumb rubber binder.


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